Car Finance

Having spent 10 years working in the prestige and luxury car market, we have the industry knowledge to source you the right finance option for your clients next car purchase

Whether purchasing new or secondhand, from a dealer or private sale, getting the right advice and making the right decision on finance cans save your clients thousands of dollars.

Why us?

Car dealers will appear to make the process of finance very convenient, but you will end up paying too much. Did you know that car deals have an exemption from the National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) act, meaning they do not need to hold a credit licence or comply with responsible lending obligations.

The banks rates look very low, but you will spend far too long getting your finance arranged with them. 

Or we can work with your clients for them to get the best of both – Convenience and best rates with the comfort of dealing with somebody that know and you can trust.

We can even help with sourcing the right car for your clients.

Truck Finance

Large or small, new or used, we specialise in pairing each customer with the right funder.

We are not limited by the age of the truck or trailer. Nor is it a problem if the truck is being purchased from a private seller.

We are able to fund all types of trucks.

For your clients operating in the transport industry, being off the road is very costly.

We will be at an advantage of knowing the customer well to advise on which funder to go with and get an approval in place and get them on the road quickly.

Maintenance and engine rebuilds not only keep you off the road but also incur significant costs. For customers with cash flow constraints during time like this can enter a sale and lease back on an unencumbered asset to pay for the repairs and create some working capital.

Knowing each clients business allows us to consider refinancing where appropriate and the financing of balloon payments when they became due.